The German automaker BMW has announced a few days ago that they have stopped delivering the M5 and M6 Coupe / Convertible because of an engine oil pump issue. For the exact same reason, they also issued a recall on the models produced from July 2012 until September 2012. The risk has to do with the pump driveshaft that can separate from the pump rotor and in case this happens, the power unit might suffer a sudden loss of oil pressure that could cause significant damage to the engine.

In the United States about 696 units are affected by this recall. Once the car is in the repair shop, BMW’s engineers will replace the engine oil pump, a process that takes about two hours. This repair is going to be made free of charge and it might take longer in some cases depending on the scheduling and processing of the repair center.

It is very important to mention that BMW says that those who own one of these affected cars should not drive the car until the problem is fixed. If the owner of an M5 or M6 does notice a sudden loss of oil pressure, BMW says that the car must be pulled on the side of the road and then the engine has to be stopped.

Gallery: BMW stops M5 and M6 deliveries, issues recall due to engine oil pump problem

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