During the Gran Turismo Evo track day organized this week on the Nordschleife, a Nissan Juke-R participated at the event and it attracted a lot of attention. It is important to mention that this wasn’t the regular Juke-R which will be rolled out into a limited production series, costing 500,000 Euros a pop. It was in fact a custom-made Juke-R developed by Shpilli Villi, a Russian company that equipped the crossover with Nissan GT-R engine.

In addition, this power unit has been tuned with HKS turbos and it can generate more than 700 hp (522 kW) when using regular gas, while with 109 Octane it can produce no less than 800 hp (596 kW). Other modifications include those huge rear tires and the full GT-R interior.

Shpilli Villi said that they plan on building more of these custom Juke-Rs for potential customers.


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