Volkswagen has managed to beat the record established in 2001, selling so far this year 77,523 units of the Passat.

German automaker Volkswagen has announced that the popular Passat (US version) has broken the previous sales record established in 2001. Back then they managed to sell 77,523 units while so far this year they’ve delivered 77,524 cars. The company’s US division sales have gone up by 32 percent through August thanks to models like the Passat and the Jetta who have enjoyed an increased popularity among US buyers.

This VW increase represents more than double the hike in total car and truck sales within the United States. Even though the strong increase in sales, the Passat (US model) is still far behind other cars in the midsize segment, such as the Toyota Camry (280,000 units sold) and the Honda Accord (218,000 units sold).


Volkswagen Passat (US) breaks sales record