Lewis Hamilton has admitted to a level of confusion surrounding his future in formula one.

The 2008 world champion is a long-time protege of the McLaren team, but he has refused to deny intense media speculation he is considering moving to Mercedes for 2013.

Some insiders believe the 27-year-old is simply trying to push up his retainer and negotiate better contractual terms, while others think he is under pressure from his entertainment manager Simon Fuller to cash in on the association with the global Mercedes brand.

Amidst the saga, Hamilton seemed unhappy and uncomfortable after winning the recent Italian grand prix for McLaren, and he has now told CNN he is also feeling confused.

"I don't know what the future holds, particularly," he said.

"There is so much speculation, and even in my mind I'm kind of like 'what's going on, what's going on?'

"But you know, as I said, just keep the eye on the ball and win the world championship," added Hamilton.

"It's very difficult to leave any space to think about anything else. So I have to leave that to people who are working with me."

Hamilton insists he needs to direct his full focus towards tracking down championship leader Fernando Alonso, who enjoys a 37 point advantage in the drivers' title standings with seven races to go.

"Fernando is a two-time champion, and he's the best there is," said the Briton. "So to catch him and overtake him is a huge, huge tall order, but not impossible."

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