Porsche Panamera GP-870 tuned by No Limit Custom filmed near Meilenwerk in Stuttgart.

Back in July we showed you some photos of this peculiar Porsche Panamera tuned by No Limit Custom. Now, YouTube user DrGumoLunatic has managed to record a short clip with the vehicle that was parked near Meilenwerk in Stuttgart.

Those orange wheels that you see measure 9.5 x 22 with 265/30-22 tires at the front and 11 x 22 with 315/25-22 tires at the back. It wears a carbon fiber body kit which is compatible with all Panameras from 2009 and forward. This body kit includes a different front bumper, updated side skirts, a ventilated hood, a rear bumper with an integrated diffuser and a tailgate-mounted spoiler. No Limit Custom also offers a sports exhaust system.

More photos are available in the source link below.

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