Imagining how the Lamborghini Aventador LP790 R-SV could look like.

Back in 2009, REITER Engineering developed the Lamborghini Murcielago LP670 R-SV to take part in the FIA GT1 World Championship series. Lambo Cars used that car as an inspiration for this Lamborghini Aventador LP790 R-SV.

This is a track-ready version of Lamborghini’s flagship model and it has been “fitted” with wider wheel arches to make room for the wider track racing wheels that are wrapped around in slicks to offer the necessary grip. There’s also an adjustable spoiler installed at the front underneath a slightly lower bumper with bigger air intakes.

Other changes include the new lower diffuser at the back, racing windows, additional fins at the rear to improve stability during high speeds, while inside it has a full digital dashboard and lots of components made from carbon fiber. The driver sits in a carbon fiber race shell and changes the gears from a sequential gearbox.

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