Revealed for the first time back in March, the Lamborghini Aventador LP900 Molto Veloce by DMC brings not only visual changes to the Italian supercar but also a healthy power boost from the regular 700 HP (514 kW) to 900 HP (660 kW). On the design front, we notice the new look of the front spoiler and splitter lip that are mounted on the stock bumper and are manufactured from carbon fiber.

The aerodynamic stability has been improved thanks to the new side skirts which DMC says that they act as diffusers. In addition, downforce has also been further improved by the carbon fiber rear diffuser and the added tunnel system, along with the rear wing spoiler.

The changes do not end here as the engineers at DMC have decided to replace the overhead throttle valves with 12 custom single-intake throttle plates (one for each cylinder). The pressure modulators, injection nozzles, fuel lines and fuel pumps are some of the components that have been replaced by the tuner. While the stock exhaust system of the Lamborghini Aventador tips the scales at 34 kg, the new one weighs only 3.4 kg.

The price tag for all these upgrades is 125,000 Euros (approximately $165,000). All parts are already on sale.

Gallery: Lamborghini Aventador LP900 by DMC revealed with 900 HP

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