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Lamborghini has announced the introduction of yet another special edition of the aging Gallardo. This time it’s exclusive for the Chinese market and it’s known as the LP550-2 GZ8. “GZ” is for Guangzhou (a city in China), while 8 refers to the number of units the Italian automaker will produce. This car was co-developed with the company’s local dealer in Guangzhou and it will have a starting price of 3.88M yuan ($612,000).

What’s so special about this Gallardo? Well, it comes with a large rear wing made from carbon fiber with orange winglets, as well as orange alloy wheels and striping. Other features worth mentioning include the carbon fiber side skirts and the engine cover made from the same lightweight material.

This limited Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 GZ8 has a rear-wheel drive layout and is motivated by the same V10 engine with 550 hp (410 kW).


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