Are we looking at a new Lord of The FWD Ring?

It looks like Renault is on the verge of introducing the hottest Megane of them all as the RS Trophy-R range topper was seen this week at the Nürburgring without any camouflage whatsoever. The reason why the company with the diamond logo didn’t slap any disguise onto its performance hatchback is because the car was shooting a promotional film, which likely suggests an official debut is right around the corner.

Followed by a BMW 1 Series camera car, the Megane RS Trophy-R appears to be production-ready and features a hood scoop feeding more air to the turbocharged 1.8-liter gasoline engine. It remains to be seen whether the four-cylinder will be massaged to deliver more than the 296 hp and 295 lb-ft (400 Nm) of torque available in the Trophy variant. As a side note, the standard Megane RS has to make do with “only” 276 hp and 288 lb-ft (390 Nm).

Even if it won’t pack more punch, it will still end up being faster than the Trophy version since the new R will shed some serious weight. Expect Renault Sport to get rid of the rear seats and install plexiglass windows as part of the diet, while a rollcage will likely be added to boost chassis stiffness. We already can notice some of the upgrades, such as the beefier brakes and low-profile tires wrapping those black alloy wheels. A stiffer suspension setup is also likely on the menu as part of a generous upgrade package to shave off tenths of a second on a race track.

Speaking of which, the new Megane RS Trophy-R might have what it takes to allow Renault reclaim the title for having the fastest front-wheel-drive production car at the Nürburgring. It has to complete a lap of the Green Hell in less than the 7 minutes and 43.8 seconds needed by the current record holder, the Honda Civic Type R.

If Renault has indeed claimed a new record, we will likely hear about it with the official reveal of the Megane RS Trophy-R.

Video: TALEA Media / YouTube

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