A YouTube user from Hyderabad, India uploaded a brief, 41 second video of a gold Chevrolet Captiva modified to resemble a Rolls-Royce. We've been joking around here at Motor1 that it's a long-lost Cullinan test mule, but it's clear that this was someone's personal project.

We actually get a version of the small Captiva crossover here in the United States, sort of. We say "sort of," because it's not something you can buy off the lot – it's marked for fleet sales only. You may have rented one before and not realized it. It's the sort of unremarkable car that just sort of blends into the background. That is, except for this one.

For a car built for developing markets or as a fleet vehicle, the Captiva cleans up nice. While this video was shot from across the street, it looks like whoever decided to attempt the Rolls-Royce conversion committed fully and saw the job through to the end.

Then again, it's probably packed full with enough fiberglass filler that a magnet wouldn't stick to the body. We'll never know unless we see it up close.

Don't get us wrong, it's completely hideous and awful, but it's not nearly as bad as it could be. At least it's all painted the same color, and the front fascia and grille was somewhat integrated into the overall styling of the base vehicle.

The bright, marmalade gold color chosen for the Captiva-cum-Rolls Royce seems to suit it well, although something more understated would have surely blended in better. Then again, we doubt that the owner of this creation wants to blend in.

To that end, this custom Captiva drew enough attention to convince someone to film and upload a video of it to YouTube. If attention is what the owner wanted, then attention is what they got.

Source: fayyazmas khan on YouTube

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