Toyota Tundra is going to tow the Endeavour space shuttle to the California Science Center.


Toyota’s Tundra full-size pickup truck is going to tow the Endeavour space shuttle to its final destination at the California Science Center. The journey will take place on October 13 and once the shuttle gets there it will go on permanent display. The Endeavor will have to travel a distance of 12 miles (19 km) from the Los Angeles International Airport through busy city streets to the Science Center, while for the last quarter mile the Tundra will be in charge of the transportation.

Extensive testing has been done in order to make sure that the Tundra is capable of towing the space shuttle which weighs an impressive 300,000 pounds to the Bill Robertson Lane in Exposition Park, located near downtown L.A. Toyota will use a standard 2012 Tundra CrewMax ½-ton pickup for this job, a vehicle motivated by a V8 5.7-liter engine.

Additional details are available in the attached press release.


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