Audi is getting closer and closer to end BMW's seven-year reign in global premium sales

The gap last month between BMW and Audi in terms of luxury car sales was reduced to just 2,110 units so chances are that in the near future Audi could end BMW’s seven-year reign in premium auto deliveries. In the first eight months of the year, Audi increased its sales by 13 percent to 961,000 units, while BMW rose only by 7.8 percent to 963,110 cars, judging by the monthly sales reports published by both companies. Compared to 2011, the gap has diminished considerably as in August 2011 BMW had a lead of 40,513 units.

One of the reasons why Audi is doing so well is because since 2002 VW Group has invested no less than $25.6 billion (20 billion Euros) in its premium brand. Audi has now 12 model lines, as opposed to 2003 when they had only 6. Audi managed to overtake Mercedes-Benz last year and wants to take the lead from BMW by 2020.

A Commerzbank analyst by the name of Daniel Schwarz said that Audi will probably overtake BMW in the years to come unless “there are surprising shifts in market share which I don’t expect.” As a reminder, last month we reported (via The Wall Street Journal) that BMW might have faked its July sales to be the best-selling luxury brand in the United States, overtaking Mercedes-Benz.

More about the Audi-BMW comparison in the related link below.


Audi could overtake BMW in global premium sales, ending a seven-year domination