Arden's fresh take on the Jaguar XK breaks previous Jag speed records

There's a new, fastest Jaguar currently in production, and it is the Arden XKR AJ20.  Testing of the new tuner on a high speed course saw the car's speed top out at 305 km/h (189 mp/h), according to Arden.

Arden says they were able to hit this achievement by rebuilding the eight-cylinder supercharged engine from the ground up, while increasing its displacement to 4.5 litres.  They accomplished this by fitting a custom crankshaft as well as new connecting rods and pistons making 480 bhp and 460 ft-lb of torque at 3850 rpm.   Extensive aerodynamic testing of the XKR AJ20's body modifications show the car getting a better air drag coefficient and higher down force when compared to the Jaguar XK. 

For over thirty years, Arden has fine tuned British cars.  The last twenty years were also dedicated to overhauling Jaguar engines.

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