Supercharger system boosts Mustang GT output to 445 HP

ROUSH Performance has just given out details on improvements to the ROUSHcharger.  The new supercharger has an increase in output by 30 horsepower, capable of pushing a Ford Mustang GT to 445 total horsepower, with 418 ft-lb of torque.

The ROUSHcharger system gives an increase of over 48% in horsepower over the stock Ford Mustang GT.  Although not yet street legal in every U.S. state, they expect to get their product rubberstamped across America.

By making modifications to the pulleys used, and tweeking the PCM calibration accordingly, the large increase in hp was realized.  Fear not if you have an older ROUSHCharger: the new High Boost Pressure Pulley can be bought for $389.

The system includes an "M90 Roots-style supercharger, intake manifold, air-to-water intercooler system, high-flow fuel injectors and induction system," according to the press release.  Installing the ROUSHcharger does not invalidate Ford's 3-year/36,000 drivetrain warranty.

ROUSHcharger can be picked up in black for $5,599, or polished for an additional $300.  You can find the system at ROUSH authorized Ford dealers across the U.S. and Canada.

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