BMW 3-Series (E30) brought back to life by a Hungarian design studio. The body kit might reach production phase.

A Hungarian design studio by the name of TMCars has published this week a few renderings of a modern BMW 3-Series (E30) coupe. 2012 marks the 30th anniversary of this model and TMCars wanted to create an updated reinterpretation of a classic BMW.

As you can see from these renderings, the car has received LED daytime running lights and tail lamps, a fresh new set of alloy wheels and a very attractive full body kit. Known as the concept30, this styling kit consists of 12 components that can either attach or replace to an E30 coupe. TMCars says that there are two different designs available: street and race.

The street version comes with the greenhouse and the stock roof of the original car, while the wheel arches are created to fit the standard suspension but with wider wheels. As for the race version, this comes with the stock greenhouse and a wider C-pillar, while the wheel arches are fully customizable to fit any wheels and suspensions.

This is more than just a rendering as the Hungarian design studio says that both the street and race versions have been developed in order to meet the current European regulations, allowing the cars to be legally driven on the road.

Depending on the received feedback, TMCars will decide whether to put the concept30 into production.


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