TMC is making steady progress in research and development related to, among others, cruising distance, low-temperature starts, durability and reduced costs.

560 kilometers without refuelling

That the Toyota corporation is big on hybrids and fuel cell technology is nothing new, but that their Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle (or simply known as FCHV) can finish a 560km journey from Osaka to Tokyo without refuelling is something note worthy. Back in July, Toyota saw its FCHV become the first fuel cell powered vehicle in Japan to acquire vehicle type certification under the Road Vehicles Act, allowing Toyota to commercialize and market fuel cell vehicles without having to certify individual cars.

Since July Toyota has doubled the capacity of its high-pressure hydrogen storage tanks to 70 MPa and therefor doubled its theoretical range to 660 km. The current FCHV is also 25% more fuel efficient than previous versions increasing its range even more to approximately 750 km. The 560 km journey, which started in front of the Osaka Prefectural Government Office and finished at the Mega Web car theme park in Tokyo, was completed with the air-conditioning on during normal traffic conditions.