Distracted first-gen Volkswagen Golf driver hits a Honda CR-X while reversing.


We’ve seen plenty of accidents recently caused by inexperienced drivers or because of a faulty brake system, but this one takes the cake. The video was recorded at a drag strip in Bautzen, a German town located in eastern Saxon and we see the drivers revving up their engines before the start of the race and going forward a little bit in order to warm up the tires.

However, while returning to the start line, the driver of the white car – a first generation Volkswagen Golf – didn’t notice that there was another vehicle behind him and he ended up hitting that black Honda CR-X.

We understand that the driver of the Honda wasn’t supposed to be there but the man driving the first-gen Golf should have paid more attention while he was reversing. The only logical explanation is that the Golf’s brake system malfunctioned and the driver wasn’t able to stop the car in time.