The German automaker BMW has issued a press release that contains information about the updates for the company’s fall lineup. The most important addition would have to be the 114d which represents the new entry-level model in the 1-Series family.

The BMW 114d is motivated by a 4-cylinder, 1.6-liter diesel engine with the TwinPower Turbo technology that produces 95 HP (70 kW) at 4,000 rpm and a peak torque of 173 lb-ft (235 Nm) available between 1,500 rpm and 2,750 rpm. It is able to perform the 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) sprint in 12.2 seconds and it will continue to accelerate until it hits 115 mph (185 km/h).

BMW says that the 114d’s average fuel consumption is between 4.1 and 4.3 liters / 100 km while CO2 emissions stand at approximately 109 g/km. As standard, the car comes fitted with the company’s EfficientDynamics technology so it has an electronic power steering, auto start/stop function, shift point indicator, brake energy recuperation and tires with reduced rolling resistance.

For details about other updates in BMW’s lineup, we invite you to check out the press release below.


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