Continental has created an all-electric version of the Renault Megane.

There’s a reason why Renault hasn’t created an all-electric version of the Megane and that’s because they have the Fluence ZE, but Continental has decided to develop their own Megane EV. The German tire manufacturer used only in-house parts and obtained just about the same results as the ones achieved by Renault.

Let’s not forget that Continental is in charge of producing the electric motors for the aforementioned Fluence ZE and also for the Kangoo ZE so it’s quite obvious why they decided to focus on the Megane as well. The vehicle comes with an electric motor that produces 95 hp (70 kW / 96 PS) and 166 lb-ft (226 Nm) that draws its power from a battery pack that weighs 154 kg (339 lbs).

This all-electric Renault Megane is capable of providing a range of up to 150 km (93 miles) and it can do the 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) sprint in 11.9 seconds. Continental has also fitted this Megane EV with a new upholstery made of 40 percent renewable materials. The vehicle rides on narrow 20-inch alloy wheels for a reduced rolling resistance and improved airflow.


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