Recent report says Aston Martin will stop making the Virage to launch a more powerful DB9.

According to an article published yesterday by, Aston Martin has decided to discontinue the Virage in order to make room for a new version of the DB9. This news comes as a surprise taking into consideration that the British carmaker introduced the Virage about 18 months ago and since then they’ve made a little over 1,000 units.

The same source reports that the new DB9 is going to be more powerful but not so much that it would conflict with the Vanquish. As far as styling goes, expect the looks to be more aggressive than the Virage while the price tag will probably be a little bit higher as well, somewhere around the 150,000 pounds mark, making it more expensive than the 128,000 pounds Virage but less than the 190,000 pounds Vanquish.


Aston Martin Virage axed to make room for a new DB9 - report