Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., today unveiled the Pivo 2, an advanced electric concept car that will debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

Electric future

Nissan treaded new ground back in 2005 with their Pivo Concept, a small Lithium-ion battery powered personal transport vehicle. The most outstanding feature was its unique rotating cabin, which made the use of a reverse gear absolutely obsolete.

The Nissan Pivo 2 Concept builds on the original Pivo and adds wheels that can turn 90 degrees, allowing the Pivo to drive sideways for easy parking. The rotating cabin is still featured of course but Nissan has provided the single-seater with some company, the Robotic Agent. The Robotic Agent has been designed to make journeys less stressful and conversations on just just about anything car related (ie basic functions or more advanced functions like where the nearest parkign spot is) can be held in English and Japanese.

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