After a chase, Dubai police officers managed to seize a heavily modified Nissan Patrol running on jet fuel.


Today we bring you news from Dubai where the local police authorities have arrested the driver of a heavily modified Nissan Patrol. Gulf News is reporting that the modified vehicle was running on jet fuel and it was capable of hitting a top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph).

He was arrested after a Hollywood-like chase that involved several other police cars. It seems that after being ordered to pull over, the driver of the Patrol raced off and he only slowed down when running over speed bumps. The vehicle didn’t have a registration number and the driver decided to turn off the lights while he was being chased by the authorities. This chase was put to a stop after the driver sped into a residential compound in the Al Mizhar area. He tried to escape and fought for a while, but in the end the police managed to arrest him.

Regarding the custom Nissan Patrol, after a thorough inspection it was discovered that it had a jet fuel tank, a “speed enhancer” along with a computer for turning this speed enhancer on/off. The driver of the car was asked where the modifications were made and he responded that all the changes were done at a garage where they have “special rates” for attracting customers. He added that such garages are aimed mostly towards youngsters and some of his friends modified their vehicles to hit a top speed of 400 km/h (248 mph).



Jet fuel-powered Nissan Patrol seized in Dubai