Before we start gushing over the sheer outrageousness that is this Fox Body Ford Mustang LX off-roader, some full disclosure is in order. It’s possible one of the editors is rather smitten with this car. In fact, it’s time to ditch the collective we on this piece because I – Christopher Smith – think this crazy build is epic. So do my colleagues, but I’m slated to present this bonkers 1991 Mustang LX selling on Craigslist in Seattle because I’m a tremendous rally fan, and I have a 1995 Mustang GT convertible in the garage that’s begging for a suspension lift and gravel tires of its own. I suspect there’s a conspiracy to either convince me to get my project going, or just buy this one. 

Frankly, this car is pretty much everything I’m looking for in a crazy off-road Mustang. According to the seller, it started life as an entry-level LX with a lowly four-cylinder mill under the hood. Now it has a mildly modified old-school 5.0-liter V8 fitted with GT40 heads, a B-series cam, and an Edelbrock intake, among other things. Power isn’t known, but a strong running 5.0 with those upgrades and a free-flowing exhaust should be good for around 300 horsepower, possibly a bit more. But let’s be honest – you didn’t click this feature to read about the engine.

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The first modification underneath was set of frame connectors, because Fox Body Mustang convertibles have the structural rigidity of a deflated beach ball. From there, the suspension components are surprisingly normal, if upgraded for better adjustability. The mild 1.5-inch suspension lift in front comes courtesy of simple spacers, while the lift at the back is accomplished through upgraded adjustable control arms. Five-lug spindles with a five-lug rear axle sourced from a 2001 Mustang replace the four-lug components that came stock on the Fox Body ‘Stang, and 3.73 gears help with acceleration.

Obviously the wheel wells needed more space for meaty off-road tires, so they were hacked up and fitted with fender flares. A full roll cage was installed inside, both for safety and for extra chassis reinforcement. Speaking of the interior, it’s pretty much gutted and finished with bedliner material to help better survive the elements. That’s because the convertible top is gone as well – the only protection from above comes through a custom roof rack. However, there is a bitchin stereo system in the back, all custom-designed for this specific vehicle. Folks, I’m in love here.

I emailed the seller and learned that it runs and drives just fine, and is actually quite comfortable on the highway. That doesn’t make the temptation to buy this Baja basher go away, nor does the seller’s low asking price of $5,500. It’s different, it’s inexpensive, it’s bloody brilliant, and I have mad respect for the seller because he built this car himself. A thread at chronicles the project, but if you’re weird like me and yearn for a Pony Car that plays in the dirt, you better act fast on this one. I’m told buyers are lining up, and yes, that just might include me.

Source: Craigslist via The Drive,, YouTube

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