Mito Motorsports turns the Kia cee'd in a rear-engined, rear-wheel drive hot hatch.

Most of us consider the Kia cee’d as being a pretty ordinary car. However, the engineers over at Mito Motorsports have decided to change this and customized a first-gen cee’d hatchback. Their project is not done yet but it looks very promising as this isn’t the typical tuning/upgrade program.

The most dramatic change would have to be moving the 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine to the back of the vehicle. This power unit has been tweaked and it now pumps out 200 HP (147 kW), but Mito Motorsports says that it will be further tuned to unleash 300 HP (220 kW).

Not only did they move the engine but this custom Kia cee’d is now a rear-wheel drive car. The oil cooler and the fuel tanked have been moved up front, while the car’s weight distribution is at 43:57. After this ambitious project will be done, the modified cee’d will take part in rally cross events, hill climbs and drift exhibitions.


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