Four pit crew members were injured during a DTM practice session last weekend in Holland.


Last weekend during a DTM practice session organized in Zandvoort, Holland, an accident in a pit lane injured four crew members. In this video we see ex F1 driver Ralph Schumacher pitting his Mercedes-Benz racer while in front of him the pit crew had wheeled out and untied their air line, with a man part of the adjacent crew holding the air line on his shoulder.

While Schumacher was exiting his pit, the rear wing of his racer caught that air line belonging to the adjacent pit and then it looped down from its elevated rod. Because of this incident, four members of the pit crew were injured and had to be transported to the hospital for further investigations. The good news is that they only suffered minor injuries, and already three of them were released, while the fourth one is in observation.

This is one of the reasons why the members of the pit crew have to wear a helmet as well.