Former Lotus CEO Dany Bahar has decided to file a claim against the British automaker, accusing Lotus of wrongful dismissal.

At first it was only a report, but now it’s the real deal as former Lotus CEO Dany Bahar has decided to file a claim against the British automaker for wrongful dismissal. He wants no less than $10.6 million from Lotus because of alleged unlawful early termination of employment. This is what DRB-Hicom (Lotus’ Malaysian parent) declared in a stock exchange filling in Kuala Lumpur.

Dany Bahar was canned after a complaint made by DRB regarding his conduct. Bahar joined Lotus as the CEO back in 2009 after he was the senior vice president at Ferrari. One year later he announced a massive five-year turnaround plan for the UK-based carmaker in its attempt to boost sales in emerging markets, emphasizing on China. To do this Bahar was planning to introduce five new models in the years to come, starting with the all-new Esprit planned for a late 2013 release.

However, Lotus will probably give up on this plan as DRB-Hicom has already developed a “much more realistic plan” compared to what Bahar wanted. The most recent report is about the possibility of building the production version of the Renault Alpine concept, which might be true taking into consideration that the executives at Renault have already declared that they are talking to other automakers for jointly-developing a new model.