The second generation of the Nissan GT-R is scheduled to come out sometime in 2018.


Even though some sources indicated a while ago that there won’t be a next-gen GT-R, Edmunds has obtained some precious info after a visit to Nissan’s R&D center in Atsugi, saying that a new GT-R is due in 2018. One of the reasons why it will be quite a while until the next model comes out is because the chief engineer and product specialist of the vehicle left the company. Originally, the second generation of the GT-R was programmed for a 2015 launch.

Edmunds reports that towards the end of next year we’ll get to see some significant changes to the GT-R’s engine and exterior styling. The officials at the Japanese automaker consider that the GT-R needs some big modifications since in 2013 the car will reach its six year of production. For the moment there aren’t any confirmed details regarding the design changes, but various sources are indicating that the lights and the front bumper will get a new look. Chances are that the vehicle’s main body panels won’t suffer any modifications.

The same sources within the company are indicating that the team behind the GT-R is observing the development of the upcoming Acura NSX. The main reason for this is because Honda said that the new hybrid sports car will be faster than the GT-R on the troubled Nurburgring. This could mean that in the future Nissan will launch a hybrid variant of the GT-R.

2018 is a long way to go but as they say, it’s better late than never.



Nissan GT-R successor confirmed for 2018