Actor Julien Chabbott sued for $10M after running over cop's foot. Lawyer says that the cop is faking the injury.

About two weeks ago, actor Julien Chabbott (Stephanie Pratt’s boyfriend) ran over an NYPD officer’s foot, after he got a ticket because he illegally parked the car, even though the Ferrari 458 was in a valet parking area in the near vicinity of the Mercer Hotel. As you can see from the video, while the cop was writing the ticket, Chabbott showed up and he approached the vehicle. He then entered the car and tried to drive off, considering that he parked legally.


Soon after that he ran over the cop’s foot and as a consequence he got pulled out of the vehicle violently and got arrested. We now know that the 34-year-old assaulted cop by the name of Felix Recio from Queens has decided to sue for no less than $10M. He already hired lawyer Sal Strazzullo and pretty soon will sue for personal injury, according to what the lawyer said to the New York Post. Chabbott’s lawyer has affirmed that the cop is faking the injury.