Porsche misspells the name of its entry-level model on the billboards installed in London.

The photo you see in this article is 100 percent real. It’s from a real billboard located in London where apparently Porsche’s UK division doesn’t know the name of their entry-level model. There isn’t just one billboard in the city as you’ll find them all over London. The photo was grabbed by a Jalopnik reader who noticed that something was wrong with the name of the car.

Most likely this isn’t Porsche’s fault as the billboards were the responsibility of an advertising company, but the people over at the German automaker should have doubled and even tripled checked these billboards before installing them across London.

Porsche says in the billboard that “for some things in life, there will never be an app.” However, they probably aren’t aware that there are lots of applications for checking spelling.

The 2013 Porsche Boxster is already on sale in the United Kingdom, with prices starting from 37,589 pounds.


Porsche 'Boxter' revealed on London billboard