Subaru will introduce their G4e Concept electric vehicle at Tokyo. The car has a 15-minute quick charge, running for 200 km on a full charge.

Subaru will introduce their G4e Concept electric vehicle at Tokyo, in addition to the new Impreza WRX STI and EXIGA Concept.  The G4e makes use of the latest lithium-ion batteries, without cramping the interior.  Subaru designed this all-aluminum concept, meant to seat five passengers, with the batteries stored underneath the vehicle's floor.

Riding on a 2.65 meter long wheel base (the largest in its class, the company claims the heavy battery helps lower the car's center of gravity.  These features give the car more balance at the frant and back, translating to more control for the driver.

Powering the vehicle is Subaru's own high-capacity vanadium battery, capable of storing two or three times more energy than other lithium-ion batteries of the same approximate weight.  When adding into consideration the car's aluminum body, Subaru expects the car to be able to travel 200 kilometers on a single battery charge

Also exciting is the car's 15-minute quick carge potential, which gets the batteries charged to 80% capacity.  A full charge taks about eight hours when connected to an AC outlet at home.  Subaru suggest the cost to run this car will be substantially less than the cost to run a gasoline-powered car.  Subaru points out that often times costs of electiricty are lower at night, which further reduces the money it takes to make the G4e run.

If the concept car looks a bit like a triangle to you, have no fear.  That design was intentional, according to Subaru.

Subaru is introducing this car as part of their "Fantastic Moments" theme, created for the 40th Tokyo Motor Show.  Intended to mean a combination of "Pleasure of Driving" and "Environmental Responsibility,"  The car will be shown off at the Tokyo Motor Show on October 24th around 11:50am Tokyo Time.

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