Because of excessive speeding on a wet road, the driver of a BMW X5 loses control and crashed into an Opel Zafira.

It was only last week when we talked about a BMW M3 Coupe accident on a wet road and now we have yet another crash, but this time it involves an X5. Just like in the previous incident, the driver of this first-gen X5 was probably driving way too fast on a wet road which is why he spun out of control and crashed into an oncoming last-gen Opel Zafira.

The good news is that nobody was hurt during this violent incident, according to the person who uploaded the clip on Youtube. We don't know for sure where this happened but it's most likely not in Europe judging by the Renault badge on that Logan as in Europe the Logan wears the Dacia badge. Anyway, what's important is that it all ended well, without any serious repercussions.

This is yet another example of why we should drive slower on a wet road.


BMW X5 driver loses control on wet road and crashes [video]