In Brazil, Voyage is expected to be the final name of the car, but it is yet to be confirmed.

When the new generation Volkswagen Gol was introduced, it was the biggest Brazilian presentation of the year. Not because this small hatch had been the best-seller for more than 20 years , it was huge because a whole new family was going to follow it. Besides the hatchback variant, a sedan, pick-up truck and SUV are expected to appear.

The first in line is the sedan version of the car. It is expected to debut in South America's biggest auto show, the Sao Paulo Motor Show in October and ahead of its launch Volkswagen have released the first and only image of the model.

Previous sedan versions of the Gol were named Voyage in Brazil, Senda and Gacel in other South American countries and Fox in the USA. Although these names seem to be obvious choices, the official name of the car is yet to be disclosed, possibly to keep some mystery ahead of its public presentation.

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