The Holden Volt will be making an appearance on Saturday at the Hunter Valley EV Festival.

Holden's own variant of the Volt is set to make an appearance this Saturday at the Hunter Valley EV Festival in New South Wales at Newcastle Foreshore Park. The Volt is scheduled to go on sale in Australia later on this year, and it promises to provide an electric range of up to 87 km while with the 1.4-liter gasoline generator the range is increased to about 600 km. Recharging is done from a regular household outlet and it takes less than 6 hours for a full charge that will cost about AUD $2.50.

Customers can already make a preorder at Kelly Holden, a specialist Volt dealer in Newcastle, while the first units are set to be delivered before the end of 2012. Standard equipment on the Holden Volt include a 7-inch color LCD touchscreen, 30GB built-in HDD, satellite navigation, rear view camera and eight airbags.

For more details about the Holden Volt's features, check out the press release below.


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