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Earlier this week General Motors issues a recall for 1,713 Impala police sedans in Canada and now they've issued a similar recall in the United States which affects 36,413 Impala cruisers. The reason for this has to do with the front lower control arms for the 2008MY - 2012MY that can fracture and separate from their mounts.
General Motors mentioned that up until now no accidents have been reported related to this issue, but even so they'll start sending notices to the owners later this August, while the dealers will have to replace both front lower control arms. It is important to mention that this recall only affects police cars.

In related news, Japanese automaker Mitsubishi has also issued a recall for 2012MY 261 i-MiEVs produced between November 4, 2011 and December 22, 2011. The problem is with the airbag sensors that may be incompatible with the self-diagnostic software, which might lead to the deactivation of the front and side airbags. In case this happens, the SRS warning lamp will illuminate and those airbags may not deploy in case of collision.

More details about both recalls available in the press releases below.

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