Saturday evening in Woodside, California, a Fisker Karma set itself on fire and suffered significant damages.

Our friends at Jalopnik have learned about a Fisker Karma that set itself on fire yesterday while the owner of the hybrid luxury sedan was doing some grocery shopping. Right now there aren't any details regarding the cause of fire but the images show that the car has suffered significant damages to the front left corner.

This unfortunate incident took place Saturday evening in Woodside, California. This isn't the first Fisker to burn as back in May a brand new one was blamed to cause a house fire in Houston. We remind you that at the end of 2011 Fisker issued a recall to correct a potential fire hazard related to the improper positioning of hose clamps that could cause a coolant leak. This recall affected 239 units, while later on in June other cars were recalled.

The owner of the Karma that burned yesterday went into the store to buy some groceries and when he came out he noticed that his precious vehicle was burning. According to the Woodside Fire Department, he immediately called the automaker who told the owner of the Karma to call 911.

Luckily nobody was hurt during this incident, but by the time the fire crews arrived to the scene, the Karma was mostly destroyed.

PS: Check out the Google+ link for a video of the burning Karma and the Jalopnik source link for more photos.


Fisker Karma burns in Woodside, California