Lucky buyer drives home with a 1994 BMW 320i for which he spent only $1 at a car dealership in New Zealand.

Nowadays with just $1 we can't buy a lot of things, but one lucky person managed to purchase a 1994 BMW 320i. How was that possible ? The car was accidently listed at just $1 by Christchurch car dealership Stadium Cars in New Zealand and soon enough (before lunchtime) it was acquired by user "bignz" from Rangiora, according to his profile. Mike Nokes, the dealership's manager, said that the $1 buy it now price was an error but they have no other way but to honor the sale, which they did.

Needless to say, it was the most affordable car sold by the dealer, a vehicle which normally would have sold for about $3,000. The winning bidder already drove home his $1 BMW 320i, a pretty good price for a German sedan that looks quite nice from the outside. Nokes added that "obviously not an ideal outcome for us as the seller."

Car dealer accidently sells 1994 BMW 320i for $1