For $7,500 Formula Cross can convert the Yamaha YFZ450 ATV into a proper Formula Cross Kart.

California-based Formula Cross has announced that they are now accepting preorders for the YFC 450 Series 1. Customers have to place a $2,500 deposit in order to get their Yamaha YFZ450 transformed into a proper Formula Cross Kart. The full price tag of this rally kart is of $7,500 while for an extra of $1,350 the team at Formula Cross will put the kit car together.

Those that don't want to pay extra will receive a manual containing info about "easy step-by-step installation".
The Formula Cross YFC 450 Series 1 is 2972mm long, 1067mm high and has a wheelbase of 1854mm, with a track width of 1041mm.

This is a tubular chassis fiberglass-bodied kart that has a single racing seat made from carbon fiber with four-point harness. There's also a built-in roll cage, sequential hand shift, disc brakes with brake bias adjuster, a Formula Cross rally wing and an adjustable ride height.

For full details about this pocket rocket check out the press release below.


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