Set to makes its world premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Nissan Round Box concept takes a new approach towards open-top motoring by creating an social environment which Nissan states was inspired by the atmosphere of a sports bar. Minus the huge TV monitors and flowing beer, the Round Box seeks to create a sense of togetherness through a shared open-top driving experience and enhanced communication through a centralized interactive “Play Catch” system. Using a large touch screen display both driver and passengers can access Internet and navigations services and then exchange information amongst each other.

Equipped with a direct injection turbo engine with CVT transmission, the Round Box exterior combines the “wide open” look with a rugged lower body. Small glass panels called “road surface windows” located in the doors provide a motorcycle effect as passengers can view the road passing underneath.

Undoubtedly, the Round Box which pulls its name from a mixture of flat and round curved surfaces throughout the interior is an interesting looking vehicle. However, the social angle of enjoyable mobility through enhanced communication and shared experience is a bit weak.

Nissan Round Box Concept to Debut at Tokyo