The driver of a BMW M3 Coupe lost control of his car while driving at high speeds on a wet highway.

Apparently the driver of this BMW M3 Coupe has never heard the expression "slippery when wet". The clip shows how the M3 is overtaking another car on the right when it runs into a large patch of water, causing the car to cross another lane and then hit the center divider. Needless to say, that M3 Coupe was travelling at a pretty high speed taking into account the severity of the accident.

The good news is that the person who uploaded the clip on YouTube said that nobody in the BMW M3 Coupe was seriously injured after this terrifying accident. This incident, which happened last Thursday, is a perfect example why we should drive cautiously when the road conditions are not good, especially if we are behind the wheel of a RWD sports car like this M3 Coupe.

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