Toyota's FT-MV Concept looks to have made strides since previous Toyota concept cars, and has a chance at going into production.

Toyota gave us an eye into their possible near-future, with the FT-MV concept car.  Called a "first-class, new-generation minivan" by the company, this seems the most likely of Toyota's concept cars to enter production.

With several ideas packed into this mini-van, like second-row seats with automatic ottomans.  The van appears to seat six with each passenger in individual seats, as opposed to bench seating in the back.  All rear passengers also have their own video monitors.

Ambient mood lighting is used throughout the leather-clad interior.  Meanwhile, the exterior has some distinct angles to it, but without looking completely unrealistic.  Toyota is trying to position the FT-MV (Future Toyota Mini-Van) as an elegant vehicle you might be able to buy soon.

Toyota's last mini-van concept, the F3R, was shown at Detroit in 2006.  There are definite similarities between the two, but the FT-MV looks like a step closer towards production.

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