Many people consider that Honda's CR-Z doesn't have the right amount of power, which is why the tuners at Jackson Racing have announced that a supercharger kit will be available for the CR-Z, increasing the power by 40 percent and torque by 38 percent. This new kit adds 50 hp (37 kW / 51 PS) for a grand total of 172 hp (128 kW / 174 PS) and 173 lb.-ft. (234 Nm).

Jackson Racing mentioned that this supercharger doesn't have a negative effect on the fuel economy if the Honda CR-Z is "driven normally." While the standard model pumps out 122 hp (90 kW / 123 PS) and 128 lb.-ft. (173 Nm) of torque, this supercharger is a welcomed addition and it is offered by the tuner in various states of tune, with prices ranging from $3,995 to $4,995.

Check out the source link below for full details about this supercharger kit for the Honda CR-Z.


Gallery: Jackson Racing offers supercharger for Honda CR-Z

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