This small, tough transporter leverages compactness and light weight for special off-road agility and adopts body-on-frame construction for outstanding durability and cargo capability.

Fun cars will be all the rage at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show and Daihatsu gladly adds its share. In this case, Daihatsu is looking to the off-road market with its small transporter, the Mud Master-C (C for concept). Where Nissan talked to a marine biologist, Daihatsu called in the help of Raita Suzuki, a leading professional (off-road) cyclist.

These talks resulted in a highly durable, light-weight and compact body-on-frame construction, which allows for a range of attachments for a variety of applications ranging from outdoor sports to working in rough terrain. The gullwing doors (three of them) on the Mountain Bike Support model are ideal for loading and unloading bycicles. The interior is simple yet ruggid with a large-screen LCD multi-display and water-repelland seats.

The Mud Master-C rides 370mm from the asphalt, mud, etc which is achieved mainly through its 16inch off-road tires, and to a lesser extend the hub reduction system which transfers power to the wheels through gears between the drive shaft and wheel hub.

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