BMW plans on selling the upcoming i3 and i8 electric cars on the Internet, without going through a car dealer.

Although BMW has recently opened a specialized showroom in London where they will be selling the upcoming i3 and i8 models, it seems that the German automaker also plans on selling these two electric cars on the Internet. This is certainly not a revolutionary way of selling a product but unlike other car companies, BMW wants to sell the vehicles directly, without having to collaborate with dealers.

The idea of creating dedicated showrooms is not new, Tesla Motors will sell the recently introduced Model S in dedicated Tesla stores rather than the usual traditional dealerships. Taking into account that the development costs related to the i3 and i8 electric cars are estimated at $3 billion, BMW is trying to find ways to lower the costs.

Both EVs are going to be low-volume cars, with reports suggesting BMW will sell about 31,000 i3 units in 2014, but even so if this will turn out to be true, the i3 will outsell the Z4.

BMW's plans of selling the car online will most likely be implemented in Europe as in most of the U.S. states, car manufacturers are not allowed to sell vehicles directly. Instead, they must sell the cars via an independently-owned business, such as a car dealer.

As a reminder, the BMW i3 will probably go on sale in late 2013 at approximately $48,500 (40,000 Euros), while the i8 should be out sometime in 2014 with a base price in excess of 100,000 Euros.

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