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Tesla Motors has previously stated that they plan on building 5,000 units of the recently introduced Model S by the end of 2012, although the company's initial plans were to deliver just 500 units in order to make sure that all of the quality issues are resolved.

The company has big plans for next year as they consider increasing the production to approximately 20,000 cars per year. However, if the current demand continues into 2013, Tesla will have to increase the production rate by 50% in order to keep up with the orders. Right now there is a 10-11 month waiting list for the electric sedan.

Despite the strong feedback received after the launch of the Model S, Tesla Motors reported a net loss of $105.6 for the second quarter of this year, which exceeds last year's net loss of $58.9 million. Before the Model S came out, the only sources of income for Tesla were the Roadster which now has been discontinued, along with selling their electric drivetrain technology to other automakers such as Mercedes-Benz and Toyota.

Tesla Motors plans on expanding its lineup in the near future with the Model X crossover and should come out in 2014. Further down the line, a smaller sedan that will be based on the company's third-generation platform could see the light of day. Tesla Motors has stated that they will have to raise capital before devloping new models which puts additional pressure on the success of the Model S.


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