It's no mistake that the Los Angeles Auto Show has developed a reputation of being focused on automotive design over the past several years. The L.A. region has long been considered a hub of emerging American creativity and consumer trends. Therefore, it's no wonder that the area, a 120-mile radius to be precise, contains the highest concentration of auto manufacturer design studios in the world with 15 from Europe, Asia and North America. Los Angeles is also home to the Art Center College of Design, one of the world’s foremost transportation design institutions where many of today’s leading automotive designers began their careers.

Running four years, the L.A. Auto Show in conjunction with the Design Los Angeles automobile designers' conference presents the Design Challenge competition where a panel of 6 prominent judges announce a winner. Based on this year's theme, ROBOCAR 2057, eight auto manufacturer design studios without the worry of legislative or production restrictions have "entered two dimensional renderings and concept descriptions predicting how the rapidly advancing field of artificial intelligence will integrate into the automobile to make life safer, more convenient and more attractive to consumers 50 years from now."

Jump to the following pages to view all eight Design Challenge entries with summaries. Stay tuned as we will be covering the L.A. Auto Show live on November 14 and 15.

Gallery: Auto Manufacturers Compete in Design Challenge at L.A. Auto Show

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