Toyota is set to return to one of Australia's iconic motorsport events in 2008, tackling the legendary Targa Tasmania with a TRD Aurion.

Ready for the tarmac

Toyota Racing Development is readying itself for a tarmac rally return in Australia. Toyota TRD has been competing in the Australian rally successfully and will return to the tarmac Targa Tasmania rally this coming April with their new TRD Aurion.

The TRD Aurion is a, although sporty, regular road going car and will now get a proper run to show what the car is really capable of. Neal Bates Motorsport, who are also heavily involved with the rally TRD team, have been an integral part of the TRD Aurion development and are sure they can show the race-bred competition a thing or two and aims for a top 15 finish.

"We have only made minor modifications to the standard car, like fitting a roll cage, racing seats and safety equipment," said Neal Bates. "Targa is an event I absolutely love and the team's ultimate aim is to finish inside the top 10 outright. It would be an amazing performance if we could achieve it."

Toyota TRD Aurion Race Ready (AU)