Honda has introduced the HondaLink infotainment system, ahead of its debut on the 2013 Accord.

Designed for internet addicted drivers, the system tethers to a smartphone to access "thousands of cloud-based news, information and media feeds from around the world." It has a programmable interface and will allow users to listen to Facebook / Twitter posts, podcasts and internet-based radio stations. It will also have voice recognition technology and location-based restaurant listings from Yelp!

Similarly, the HondaLink EV system will be offered on the Fit EV and Accord Plug-In Hybrid. It has the same features as the standard system but will allow users to initiate charging, view the battery status and activate the air conditioner or heater from their smartphone.

Gallery: HondaLink infotainment system announced, will debut on the 2013 Accord [video]

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