It may have only been on the market for a few months in the US, but that doesn’t make the new Ford Escape immune from problems. Ford has issued a recall for 8,266 examples of the new small SUV due to a potential problem with the carpet cladding which could interfere with the vehicle’s braking.

The NHTSA said the following in its recalls summary of the problem:

 "Due to mis-positioned carpet padding, the center console trim panel may be pushed outboard of the intended position, reducing clearance relative to the pedal package. The reduced clearance may result in the driver's foot contacting the side of the brake pedal while transferring the foot from the accelerator pedal to the brake pedal, increasing stopping distances and the risk of a crash."

There is also a potential issue with the side console trim, which along with the carpet will be replaced in the recall. Ford will be keen to act upon this recall swiftly after the furore that surrounded Toyota and the widely reported recall due to braking issues.


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