This is Ken Block's Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco.

The freestyle rally video franchise continues with the streets of San Francisco turned into an urban playground for Mr. Block and his 600hp Ford Fiesta lovingly nicknamed Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle (H.F.H.V.).

Despite the overall concept of the Gymkhana series in its fifth release, Block still manages to captivate as Gymkhana FIVE focuses on fast, raw and precise driving action in a city famous for its iconic locations and landmarks. Large sections of the city were shut down for filming.

DC Shoes VP of Marketing, Jeff Taylor states, "Ken's driving is on a whole new level and the streets of San Francisco provided the perfect natural terrain to showcase it. There's never been anything like this and people are going to be blown away when they see it!"

In addition to cameos by Motocross legend, Travis Pastrana, and S.F. resident Jake Phelps of Thrasher Magazine, Gymkhana FIVE showcases a couple of spectacular stunts such as a high speed jump at the top of Russian Hill and a very big sideways drift while in mid-air.

It's an action packed 9 minutes that's well worth it.

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