Volvo has released new details about three safety systems that are currently under development.

First and foremost, the Swedish automaker is creating a semi-autonomous driving system which uses camera and radar sensors to follow the vehicle ahead. It automatically controls acceleration, braking and steering at low speeds.


Moving on, Intersection Support automatically brakes the car when a collision could occur at an intersection. As an example, Volvo says to think about a queue of cars turning left at an intersection. "When the light turns green, one car after another turns left. Suddenly an oncoming car drives through the red light - and creates an immediate danger. In this situation, the turning car automatically brakes to avoid a collision."


Lastly, the company is creating an animal detection system which helps to prevent collisions with wild animals such as elk and deer. The system is based on Volvo's pedestrian protection technology and automatically brakes the car when an animal impact could occur. It isn't fool proof, but Volvo hopes the system will reduce collision impact speeds from 100 km/h (62 mph) to less than 80 km/h (50 mph). This would greatly reduce the risk of serious injuries to passengers.

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